Hanakia Zedek, Author of Tao~Zen Verses & The Philosophy of Nothing – Psycho~Spiritual Seer, Sorcerer, Life Coach, Guide, Mystic, Prophet, Shaman, Warrior, Wizard, Kung-Fu Master, & Teacher at Spiritual Centers in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis & St. Paul, and Brooklyn, New York of Practical Spirituality, Quantum Spirituality, Metaphysics, New Age, Self Help, Magic, Personal Power, Death & Rebirth, Awareness, Consciousness, Animism, Buddhism, Taoism, & Castaneda to achieve Peace, Emptiness, Order, Stillness, & Leverage. And as in times of olde indicative of Ancient Esoteric and effective personas such as Taliesin The Merlin or Melchizedek, Hanakia Ek~Way Zedek, formally known as David Orlando Weatherspoon moves us beyond belief, atheism, animism into the experiential untapped resources of the human entity and universal applications thereof. Hanakia brings us beyond what we have even known; space, time, the continuum, even beyond the veils and mists of Avalon; into and through all that is you.