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...Is About Letting Go Of Everything That Holds You Back From Being Who You Really Are...

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YOU...and all the things you believe in and do because it has never occured to you that you don't have to! Taking religion and culture as reality and truth. Believing that what's going on in your head is real. Staying in jobs and relationships that don't work. Looking for answers outside of yourself. Not doing what YOU want to do. Becoming your parents. Choosing to suffer. Defining yourself by what you think is wrong with you. Not questioning reality. Reacting instead of taking necassary action.


You are doing them not only because it has never occured to you that you don't have to. ---But also because you think that all the answers and power are outside of you. That is a LIE. Everything that you need is inside of you.

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Author of Tao~Zen VersesTao~Zen Verses

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Are You Ready? by Hanakia Zedek

The undeniable pressure of The Inexplicable is unreasonably unbearable
Although we are born of it and return henceforth, we have not the wherewithal to comprehend its magnitude

To even attempt an approach is certain death, but what else is there to know?
Although there is Nothing to know, all else are echoes of it
Expirations inevitable….of Holographic mirrored sequences

Yet the infinite exists….within the finite~ “In” finite
The trick is not getting distracted
By Awareness
There is no this or that
Nothing is ever happening
And it is the only thing that is

It has been impossible Articulating Nothing
Deploying practical applications thereof, yet I am left alone at charge, by it, to do so
Simply because I dared to do so and some how came to grips
Forcing me to slip even deeper therein

What you think that you see is not what is actually there
It’s the unseen that rules reality
It’s the unknown, that rules the known
And the only way is to get out of “The Way”
The questions are
Do you want to be ordinary
Or Extraordinary?
Do you want to hold onto your archaic beliefs
Or move Beyond Belief?

The question now is Are You Ready? HZ

-Photo of Minnehaha Creek and Falls, Minneapolis MN

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the Tao-Zen

Author of Tao~Zen Verses.

In this series of short verses, by turns subtle, commanding, and even comic, shaman and mystic Hanakia Zedek peers into the universe through the guise of a 'warrior-sage'. ~WhistlingShade.com

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