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David Orlando Weatherspoon was born in 1962 in Brooklyn, NY to a young mother and a neglectful violent alcoholic father who was a menacing, dangerous presence in his early life. Out of necessity, his mother began training him to read and to articulate by the age of one. In his early years at school and in the streets he was the frequent victim of bullying for being one of the few African Americans in a predominantly white working class neighborhood. His mother enrolled him in Martial Arts and made her extensive library on advanced human development available to him. It was from these earliest experiences that David was led to delve deep and deeper still into his power.

He achieved this by endless periods of removal; removal of personal history, of wants and desires, and mostly self. As he grew to adulthood, he became an actor and singer where the truth of his art was found in the continued removal of self and there, existed the greatest of all, personal power. It was in this endless process of excavation that he realized that nothing must remain. Nothing. Nothing at all. Even the name must go. To the world, David O Weatherspoon became Hanakia Ek~Way Zedek. But to him, there was merely the nothingness ... all is spawn from this.

"We've been trained into mediocrity and social control, robbed of who we truly are. You were a blank slate and your life was yours to create! Now is your chance to redesign your human experience, far beyond your wildest dreams; far beyond belief"


Hanakia gives people the opportunity to let go of all that holds them down and back; showing them that they have inherent knowledge and wisdom that can be applied in daily life and that this leads to fulfillment. Hanakia has offered countless lectures, classes, seminars, retreats, events, and more. "This isn't your world, someone else designed it to suit their needs, they are dead, you are here and now. Now is the time to design your world and govern your reality!"

Hanakia offers a way of being beyond the agencies of social control; leading you back to you, with the opportunity to choose/create a life that suits YOU. "Your name, your culture, your race, your gender, your beliefs, your society, your nationality, your family and all the particularities thereof are/were made up and decided upon in times of archaic misunderstanding and confusion. Times up ... You're up! You have an amazing life awaiting you.

"I do understand that not everyone wants to escape emotional mental physical and spiritual slavery and that everyone doesn't want to redesign their life and reality but for those of you who do, there's me, to assist in setting YOU free!"