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We at HanakiaZedek.Org thank you for your continued interest in the teachings of Hanakia Zedek. While the member's section requires a monthly monetary commitment, the "free section" does not. Nevertheless, a great deal of time and effort is spent in its creation. It is still a service and if you are able to offer support to maintain its existence, we are more than grateful. We accept payment in $5.00 increments. You may change the quantity to pay more. Please click the button below to complete the transaction vis PayPal. Thank You.

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The New Underground Railroad

Welcome to your freedom train. These are the Non-Religious/Non-Spiritual audio tracks that lead you to a life beyond manipulation and mental and emotional slavery.

In The Media

Here you will find magazine articles written by Hanakia, Facebook pages, radio and print interviews, and YouTube videos of Hanakia, all with powerful messages.

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Membership Has Its Privileges

The links above provide you with free information on how to let go and construct the life that you want and that works for you.

If you choose to go even further into your own personal freedom and power, we offer a member's only section that will knock your socks off! Click here for more information