What has been your experience working with Hanakia Zedek? Below are responses from current and former clients. Please let us know what your experiences have been. We'd love to hear from you.

"Hanakia is a force of nature, a gust of wind that will excite you into becoming the powerful, majestic being that you are meant to be. We all need what Hanakia offers precision, impeccability, integrity, and clarity in our lives. "...I had the most amazing healing from him years ago that was truly THE most powerful I've ever experienced. He is impeccable in releasing the interference and opening up that powerful being you are inside..."

~Cyndi Dale

“I completely revamped what I call a powerful life - A life filled with power.”


“…one of my most powerfully challenging instructors has been Hanakia Zedek."

~Connie Gundy

“There are many things that make Hanakia a special voice in this universe. Besides the spiritual, warrior, shamanic, and life guidance, the mirror he uses to help you find you, he is human. He will guide you, help you tear yourself apart, talk of where the water is, but leave it to you to walk the path and drink, and at the end of the day, share homemade chicken and beer with you.”

~William Ricci

"Hanakia is a demonstrated shaman, mystic, prophet, writer and a D.J. who can spin with the best of them! I have had the opportunity to work with Hanakia on many levels and have found his teachings and insight to be thought provoking and revealing. Through his guidance he has re-minded me that I knew all along what I needed to do and how I was fighting against my own self."

~Patricia Youker

"There is only one way to explain my time with Hanakia…. Magickal. When I first met Hanakia, the word that best described me was, (a ball bouncing off the four walls) these were his words and how correct they were. After 3 intense years of work and peeling away the unnecessary bull from my life and how I thought I was, I can safely say that I no longer live a life of drama, disorder or fear. I loved Hanakia the moment I met him and will always carry his words in my now open heart."


"This is what I learned from Hanakia's speaking engagement....Mediocrity plagues the human condition. As he says, 'stay the course', Hanakia's work is character building from the ground up. He will assist you in achieving personal excellence!"


"Hanakia reflects our magnificence as the sun expresses its power in its daily sunrise. Both are available as mirrors of our personal potential. All you have to do is BE PRESENT in awareness to know your innate power. Hana skillfully illuminates this knowing for each individuals understanding. He does this respectful, directly, and successfully. All you have to do is acknowledge your true brilliance."

~Susie Berg

"Three simply phrases Hanakia is bound to mutter, and that I have taken with me: Shut up, listen, and just do it. Shut up: as in, stop babbling, stop thinking, and just be still. Listen: be aware of your self, your surroundings, your thoughts and actions and the actions of those around you, be aware of the field of reality in all its minute aspects, listen to trees, listen to the wind, for they will whisper the way it is. Just do it: get out of your own way, stop adhering your self to the limitations you have created, or the limitations your accept that have been created for you."

~Sunyata Rakshasa

"Hanakia Zedek is brilliant. charismatic, entertaining and effective, Hanakia will help you overcome whatever roadblocks you may have. He has amazing follow-through to make sure you stay on track. I highly recommend him as a trainer, teacher and public speaker. You will thank yourself every day for the rest of your life."

~Deanna Reiter

"Hanakia's approach to breaking through the construct and self is impeccable. He offers the tools and expertise to allow you to break through self's stubborn shell and truly experience life. By no means will he do the work for you...be prepared to knuckle down, buckle down, and just do it, do it do it. From the moment Hanakia told me to let go of the fork at LHSC, I understood that the process was as easy, and as difficult, as just that. It is a choice that must be made and I, for one, am glad to have chosen the red pill over the blue. The difficulty only presents itself when you get in the way. Time to let ego take the back seat and for you to be in control."

~Yvonne Schneider